Despite the fact that this year 2020 has been a very complicated year for everyone, the world of luxury and high-end watches has not stopped and throughout the year there have been many new features.

Although in many cases these novelties have been made to wait, in the case of Rolex, for example, delaying the launch of its novelties until September, due, among other things, to the cancellation of the Baseworld fair due to Covid 19, practically throughout the year. all the most important brands have presented news this year.

The list of news for 2020 is long, so we have made a small selection of the most outstanding news for us.

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 50th Anniversary

Introduced on October 5, this is a special edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, commemorating the award Omega received in 1970 for its support of the Apollo 11 lunar expedition. That year 1970 Omega was awarded the Silver Snoopy award. Omega prepared a beautiful special edition, in white and blue colors, with very special details and with a lot of history from that expedition. At NordWatches we wrote a special article about this watch that you can read here

41mm Rolex Submariner

On September 1, Rolex presented its novelties for 2020. This is not the first Rolex Submariner with a 41mm case, but in recent decades all Submariners were 40mm, therefore, this new Submariner was something very special, as we saw in the second-hand watch market, with some pieces almost doubling in value from the start. This Submariner also equips the new caliber 3230 which extends its power reserve to 70 hours. It was not the only novelty from Rolex, but it was the one that most caught our attention. You can read more in this article that we wrote about the Roles news for 2020.

Hamilton – Tenet

Hamilton Khaki Navy Tenet Special Edition

This special edition of the Hamilton Khaki Navy watch was presented in June. A limited edition of 888 pieces, matching the movie. One of the few great super productions that hit our theaters this year, by the hand of director Christopher Nolan. As fans of this great director, we could not leave this watch off the list. And besides, this special edition is beautiful and has a special packaging specifically designed by the designer of the film.

Tudor Black Bay 58 ‘Navy Blue’

In July Rolex made a declaration of intent presenting a new model for its Tudor watch brand. Until then it seemed that there would be no news from Rolex this year 2020.

This Black Bay 58 ‘Navy blue’ introduces blue dial and bezel, and blue NATO mail. This watch is a clear homage to the ‘Blue Snowflake’ Tudors of the 70s. Watches specially developed for the French Navy as a work watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A-001

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A-001

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Patek Philippe’s first release this year 2020 was this limited edition of the famous Calatrava. A special edition of just 1,000 units to commemorate the completion of its new production building located in Pan-les-Ouates.

The new Calatrava 6007A-001 stands out for its 40mm case and its wider polished steel bezel. A rare material in the Patek Philippe collections. A blue-gray dial with a central motif, sapphire crystal and white gold hands.

Here you can read an article that we wrote with the first novelties of the year from Patek Philippe.

It is nothing more than a small selection of novelties for this year 2020. Is there a watch that you miss? Tell us, what would be your selection?

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The cold arrives, Christmas arrives, and with them, this year 2020 comes to an end. For most, great news, since this year 2020 has been a year, to say the least, ‘special’. Every year there are great events, but also great catastrophes. But never before has there been a single event that conditioned so many people for so long. Not at least since we have such a globalized and interconnected world.

Covid 19 has disrupted the plans we had for this year. It has caused us to cancel vacations, close businesses, and many, too many, lose loved ones. It has changed our priorities, our needs and our consumption habits. The impossibility of physically interacting has meant that many business models have suffered greatly, even having to close. Others have reinvented themselves and have discovered that in the world we live in, we no longer have the fear of yesteryear to buy online. The world of luxury watches and high-end watches has not been an exception and has suffered to a greater or lesser extent the peculiarities of this year 2020.

The closure of the factories caused demand to exceed supply, and consequently the prices of second-hand watches, especially some specific models, skyrocketed.

Without having global sales data for each of the manufacturers, watchmakers, specialized points of sale and online stores, we cannot talk about which watches have been the most sold or most requested. But if we can talk about our experience, what are the trends in luxury watches in this year 2020.

Throughout the year we have sold all kinds of makes and models. To mention a few: Audemars Piguet Offshore and Royal OAK, Breitling Navitimer, IWC Portuguese, Panerai Luminor, Patek Philippe Nautilus and Calatrava, and a long etc.

But, above all, from NordWatches we have sold the following 5 models of luxury watches.

Rolex Submariner Hulk

Rolex Submariner Hulk

1.- Rolex Submariner Date

The most requested model and the most sold in this year 2020, without any doubt. The Date version of the Rolex Submariner, far above the No Date. In steel, ahead of any other material. Lots of ‘Hulk’ 116610LVs, from which the lawsuit has been triggered since Rolex’s September announcement to discontinue the model. There is also a lot of demand for the 126610LN, the new 41mm Submariner Date. And as always, the ‘vintage’ models, which do not seem to go out of style.

2.- Rolex GMT Master II

The Submariner Date is followed in sales and requests by another Rolex model, the GMT Master II. To a greater extent the ‘Pepsi’ models, but we have also sold quite a few 116710BLNR ‘Batman’ models. Some ‘Coke’ and even a ‘Tiger Eye’. As with the Submariner Date, our customers’ preference for these models is a steel finish.

3.- Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Third, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Curiously, more models with plexiglass glass than sapphire. It is a watch that does not go out of style and this year has received a special version for the 50th anniversary of the Snoopy award that the watch received for its role in the mission of Apollo 11.

4.- Omega Seamaster

Fourth, and with a technical tie with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, we have the Omega Seamaster. Different versions of this Seamaster, both Diver 300m 007, Regatta and special editions of James Bond. Since the famous agent 007 saw one in his movies, at least in NordWatches the Omega Seamaster is usually one of the most requested models.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 'Navy Blue'

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’

5.- Tudor Black Bay 58

Finally, in the top 5 of the best-selling and / or requested models, we have the Tudor Black Bay 58. Both models with a NATO strap and with a steel bracelet. It is a watch that most people request us, that is not a Rolex or an Omega. Interestingly, almost all of our sales for this Tudor BB 58 are to clients in Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Finland or Norway.

This is our top, the year’s trends in luxury watches from our experience in sales and requests this year. This does not mean that these brands and models are the best sellers globally or the best watches.

Tell us, what are the most interesting top watches for you in this year 2020?

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Most people, when we talk about luxury watches or high-end watches, automatically think of Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe. But there are many good watch brands that are unknown to the vast majority. Brands that manufacture watches of tremendous quality, and that, if they had the reputation of others, their models would be highly demanded and valued.

For this reason, from NordWatches we are going to bring you a series of articles talking about these watch brands, from the best known to the least known.

Today we are going to talk about … TUDOR


In 1926, the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, registered the Tudorbrand for the first time. It was not until 1946 when he founded the Montres Tudor S.A company, based in Geneva. Hans Wilsdorf’s goal was to create a brand that could offer the quality and prestige achieved with Rolex, but at a lower price. Wilsdorf chooses the name as a tribute to the Tudor dynasty of England.

The Tudor house ruled the kingdom of England from 1485 to 1603. Its emblem is a rose that combined the red rose of the Lancasters with the white of the York, both ancestors of Henry VII, the first king of the Tudor dynasty. This rose will be used by Montres Tudor S.A. in different watch models throughout its history. At first as a logo, inside a shield. Subsequently, the shield remains as the logo to this day, and the House Tudor rose is reserved for the crown of Tudor watches.


Originally Tudor watches used standard movements, but Rolex quality cases and bracelets. In this way they managed to offer the reliability and confidence of Rolex, but at a lower price.

In the 1940s, they incorporated Rolex’s Oyster waterproof case into their watches.

In 1952 they launched their first automatic model, the ‘Prince’, which used a Rolex self-winding mechanism. That same year, 26 Tudor ‘Princes’ watches were worn on the British expedition to Greenland.

Thanks to the Oyster case and the Rolex automatic winding, Tudor took a step forward and began producing watches as a work watch.

The French Navy itself participated in the field investigation of a Tudor diver’s watch. The Oyster Prince Submariner was launched in 1954 and was water resistant to 100 meters. It would go up to 200 meters in the 1958 model.

From the 1960s to the mid-1980s, watches were supplied to the French Navy in bulk, without bracelets, so all were worn on military-made straps.

In 1964, Tudor also began producing an Oyster Prince Submariner specifically for the United States Navy.

In just a couple of decades, Rolex’s sister brand had established itself on the market as a watch of high quality and reliability.

In 1970 they launched the Oysterdate, their first chronograph.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 'Navy Blue'

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’

Tudor today

In 2009 Tudor reinvented itself and began to relaunch the brand with new watch collections, under the motto “Designed for performance. Designed for elegance”.

  • 2010 – They launch the Heritage Chrono, inspired by the “Monte Carlo” of the 70s.
  • 2011 – Heritage Advisor, Fastrider chronograph and Clair de Rose collection for women launched
  • 2012 – The Heritage Black Bay, a reinterpretation of the first Tudor Submariner models, and the Pelagos diver’s watch, with a titanium case, launched for the first time in the Rolex Group. In addition, it is water resistant to a depth of 500 meters.
  • 2014 – Lanzan el Ranger, un reloj de estilo militar similar a un modelo de 1967.
  • 2015 – The North Flag is launched, in homage to the British expedition to North Greenland in 1952, which was a watershed moment in Tudor history. This watch was the first to equip an internal movement, the caliber MT5621. Over the next 2 years Tudor would equip all its watches with self-made movements.
  • 2018 – Launches the Heritage Black Bay GMT. First Black Bay to have GMT function. This Black Bay GMT has a blue and red bezel, in the style of the Rolex GMT Master ‘Pepsi’.

Here you can find some Tudorwatches for sale.

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Year 2017. For Lewis Hamilton it promised to be a good year. Nico Rosberg had retired from Formula 1, leaving him ‘alone’ to fight for the title of Formula 1 world champion. From here, and thanks to the superiority of the Mercedes car, 4 more world championships would come, 7 in total. 2017 was the beginning of a good period in the life of Lewis Hamilton … or not?

In 2017 Lewis Hamilton decided to take legal action against the watch company ‘Hamilton Watch Company’, of the Swatch Group, which sells watches under the trade name ‘Hamilton’. The pilot accused the watch company of misappropriating his image.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) ruled in favor of the watch company. The ruling says the watch company has been operating under the Hamilton trade name since 1892, long before Lewis Hamilton was born. In addition, the ruling says that “Hamilton” is a very common surname in English-speaking countries.

It also adds that there is no natural right for a person to have their own name registered as a trademark, as this would infringe the rights of third parties.

Lewis Hamilton’s company, 44IP, was attempting to register the Lewis Hamilton ‘trademark for a number of products, such as jewelry, watches and smartwatches.

In this case, the attorneys for Hamilton Watch Company objected, considering that intellectual property rights were infringed.

‘We do not consider it appropriate or necessary to facilitate the market strategies and marketing plans of a competitor, who intends to enter the market with a brand that is practically identical to our client’s well-known previous brands, offering products that are also identical.’

In the end, Lewis Hamilton’s plans are thwarted by losing the legal battle.

Hamilton Watch Company

Hamilton - Tenet

Hamilton – Tenet

The watch company began its journey in 1892, in the United States. In 1966, Hamilton bought the Swiss company Buren Watch Company. For 3 years it continues to manufacture its watches in its factory in Pennsylvania, in the United States, but begins to use the movements manufactured in the Swiss facilities by Buren. By 1969 Hamilton had already closed its facilities in the United States and had moved all its production to the Buren facilities in Switzerland.

In 1974 the Swatch Group acquired the Hamilton watch company.

Today Hamilton continues to operate and manufacture luxury and high-end watches. In the summer of this year 2020 Hamilton released a special edition due to his collaboration with Christopher Nolan, for his film Tenet. It is a limited edition in 2 finishes that differ slightly, only in the color of the tip of the second hand: red or blue. This makes sense after watching the movie.

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Yes, watches made with pieces of meteorite. It sounds like science fiction, but it is much more common than it may seem. Over the years many luxury watch brands have used pieces of meteorites to make the dials for their watches.

Obtaining and using pieces of meteorites is more frequent than it may seem. Over millions of years many meteorites have struck the earth, and continue to do so. Most are very small pieces, and not all have a composition suitable for use in watchmaking.

First meteorites

Most clocks with meteorite spheres have come from 2 large meteorites that hit the earth millions of years ago: the Gibeonmeteorite, in Namibiaand the Muonionalustameteorite, in Sweden. Both meteorites were large in size and their fragments as they entered the atmosphere spread out over large surface areas, hundreds of kilometers long.

The first fragment of the Gibeon meteorite was discovered in 1836. Since then dozens of fragments weighing between 100 and 500 kg have been found.

The first fragment of the Muonionalusta meteorite was found in 1910. As far as it is known, around 40 fragments have been found to date.

These 2 large meteorites are basically made up of Iron and Nickel. These meteorites have crystallized structures throughout millions and millions of years of cooling in space. These crystals have different resistance to acid or heat, and that is why these characteristic patterns, known as Widmanstätten structures, that these meteorites have arise.

To make the dial, thin layers of the meteorite are cut for treatment. Because the patterns are random, all the dials on these meteorite watches are different. This makes each watch with a meteorite dial not only carrying a tiny trillion-year-old spatial fragment, but also unique, as no two dials are alike.

Clocks made of meteorites


Rolex GMT Master II Meteorite

Rolex GMT Master II Meteorite

As almost always, Rolex is at the forefront of the use of new materials in watches. Although they weren’t the first to use a meteorite fragment in the manufacture of a watch, they did popularize its use when they made the first Rolex Daytona with a meteorite dial in 2004. They used fragments of the Gibeon meteorite from Namibia to make the first high-end watch with a meteorite dial.

In 2019 they presented the Rolex GMT Master II ‘Meteorite’, the first Rolex model that is not a Daytona or Day Date to have a version with a meteorite dial. The watch is made of white gold, in addition to the meteorite dial, and has an official price of € 38,000.

Despite the fact that since 1950 the Gibeon meteorite fragments have been protected by Namibian laws and cannot be traded, Rolex still has reserves of this meteorite that it acquired previously.


Omega also created its own meteorite dial watch. Given his Speedmaster’s relationship to space missions, it was clear that the watch chosen had to be a SpeedmasterMoonwatch. They created the Gray Side of the moon variant, made of ceramic and 18-karat sedna gold, and a meteorite dial. As in the case of Rolex watches, this Omega also has a dial made from fragments of the Gibeon meteorite from Namibia. This watch has an official price of € 14,700.


In 2015 Jaeger-LeCoultre presented its master calendar with a dial made from a meteorite fragment. The watch has 2 variants, one made of steel and the other in rose gold. This watch uses a dial made from a fragment of the Muonionalusta meteorite from Sweden.

Other brands such as Parmigiani Fleurier, Piaget, Zenith, or Cartier have also made watches using different meteorite fragments.

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Why are Rolexis so expensive? First of all, we have to understand that we are talking about the most prestigious watch brand in the world. And yet, if we compare it to other brands like Patek Philippe, they can even seem cheap.

Rolex watches do not have automated mass production, they are assembled by hand piece by piece and each of the watches undergoes different tests to guarantee the reliability and quality of each one of them. More than watches, they are pieces of craftsmanship.

Logically, when manufactured in this way, the units that Rolex manufactures per year are limited. Even at their price, the demand exceeds the supply.

Manufacturing materials

Rolexuses only the best materials in the manufacture of its watches. For example, use 904L stainless steel instead of the usual 316L. Rolex started using this steel in 1985. 904L steel is much more expensive, but it is also harder and more resistant to corrosion, but it costs more to work with. Rolex had to adapt all its machinery to be able to adjust the production of watches to the use of this metal.

Although in an object such as a watch, the difference between one type of steel and another is difficult to appreciate, the cost of working and making watches with it is much higher. Competitor watches use 316L steel so that only in material there is a higher cost in comparison.

Rolex Daytona - 904L Steel and Gold

Rolex Daytona – 904L Steel and Gold

The obsession with working with the best materials leads Rolex to manufacture the gold that it uses in its watches. The gems used are selected by specialist jewelers. They have a large team of gemologists who purchase and prepare the diamonds and gemstones that are later used in Rolex watches.

Research, manufacturing and certification processes

Rolex Submariner Date 50th Anniversary

Rolex Submariner Date 50th Anniversary

Rolexes are made entirely in Switzerland, where labor is more expensive. They are not manufactured on an automated assembly line, they are assembled by hand piece by piece, so manufacturing times are longer.

Rolex has Research and Development laboratories where they study new manufacturing techniques, innovations, develop new models, etc. Studies are made on the metals they use, the oils and lubricants, etc. Rolex spends a lot of time developing new movements.

After the watches are manufactured, Rolex itself performs various inspections and tests on the watches to ensure their quality and precision. They are tested for water resistance, as all Rolex watches are water resistant. Some models like the Submariner up to 300 meters. Others like the Sea Dweller Deepsea, up to 3,000. For these tests Rolex uses special pressurized water tanks.

The entire manufacturing process, from research, development, manufacturing and assembly to subsequent quality tests are done in-house. Rolex does not outsource any part of the process, so manufacturing costs increase, but in this way Rolex ensures that everything is done according to processes and quality standards.

All Rolexes are mechanical watches and only use their own movements. Movements that he is constantly developing, improving and researching.

Conclusion, are Rolexes that expensive?

All these factors mark the price of each watch. You can’t compare a Rolex watch to a $ 100 quartz watch. Yes, they both tell the time, but the materials, manufacturing times, quality, prestige, and renown behind each Rolex watch mean that more than a watch, Rolexes are pieces of craftsmanship. A Rolex is a luxury watch, a ‘work of art’, which not only does not lose value over time, but will probably increase it, especially in the most coveted models. So, are Rolexes really that expensive?

Here you can find more information about Rolex

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Before answering how to know if a Rolex is original, let’s put ourselves in context. We live in an increasingly ‘connected’ world. Online shopping has gone from being something specific and rare in our day to day, to being something more than usual. We have lost the fear of buying online and every time we dare to buy more expensive things, objects that a few years ago we would not have even crossed our minds.

When placing an online order we cannot see or touch the specific object that we want to buy. When it comes to low-cost or everyday items, we don’t think twice. But what happens when buying something like a high-end watch, for example a Rolex watch?

Going to a jeweler / watchmaker that is an official Rolexdealer gives us a guarantee and confidence that is difficult to match when buying online. Logically before venturing to make a purchase of such value, you have to be well informed. Look at the opinion of other buyers, if it is a well-known website, if it is a website with official certificates of secure purchase / online trust, etc. This aspect is precisely one of the great reasons for the success of the Chrono 24 website, where all sellers have to meet certain requirements, there is insurance for transactions, protection for customers, etc.

Distributors like us, NordWatches, are always looking for ways to improve our services and add all possible guarantees so that our customers feel more secure and make things easier for them. For this reason, despite having our own online store, we are also Trusted Seller on Chrono 24,where we are the first trusted dealer in Spain.

Counterfeits and replicas

As clients, and more so with the times that go by with the replicas that arrive from Asian countries (it’s not just China anymore), we always have that doubt, that fear, what if they scam me?

Counterfeits have always existed in the world of high-end watchmaking and luxury watches. You don’t have to be a great expert to tell the difference between an original Rolex and a cheap copy. The first indicator will be the price. You won’t find a new Rolex that costs less than a few thousand euros. The ‘cheap’ copies do not usually exceed € 100 or € 200.

These counterfeits are easy to identify.

For example:

  • Rolex does not manufacture watches with a glass case back with the movement exposed. Although there are some old limited special editions, they are very specific exceptions. If our Rolex is wearing it, we will know it is a fake.
  • Most Rolex models have sapphire crystal. If the model we have purchased has a sapphire crystal, we can do the test of trying to scratch it. If it is scratched we know that it is false. Sapphire can only be grated by a diamond.
  • If there is aluminum or plastics in any part of the watch we will know that it is false. Rolex does not work with these materials.
  • The Rolex second hand moves smoothly, smoothly and constantly. If the second hand stumbles forward or in the typical ‘ticking’ movement, or if we hear the ‘ticking’ directly, we will know that it is a fake Rolex.
  • Weight is another key factor. If our so-called Rolex is a lightweight watch, we will know that it is a fake. Rolex only works with heavy metals and crystals, so the result is always a watch that has a certain weight.
  • The internal machinery. There are replicas that externally may seem authentic, but the movement of the watch, the caliber, is usually a cheap copy.

But today there are replicas so faithful that their cost amounts to over € 1,000. Here we are no longer talking about counterfeits, if not almost 100% replicas. They are not only made of the same metals and sapphire crystal, but they copy almost perfectly all the details and logos. With cheap fakes opening the watch does not fail. We will find a fake movement, many times it will not even be a mechanical watch. But these ‘professional’ replicas have even made copies of the movements, using the same materials and techniques, to the point that they are as precise as the original watch.

In these cases it is necessary to have the original version of the watch in hand to be able to compare each detail of the watch one by one to see the differences between the replica and the original. Using high-magnification magnifiers we will begin to see small details, such as that the letters or digits on the dial are not so fine and well finished in the replicas. But apart from these details, there is no way to differentiate the replica from the original, unless you are an expert.

You will find many videos on You Tube comparing an original Rolex to a ‘professional’ replica. At NordWatcheswe plan to acquire a replica of these in order to illustrate our article and show the differences, but we refuse to contribute to this counterfeit market and to allow a replica to enter our offices. The trust of our clients is something sacred to us.

In conclusion, how to know if our Rolex is original? Trusting serious distributors would be the first recommendation. But if after the recommendations and clues that we have given you, you still have doubts, take the watch for service to an official house, they will clear up your doubts.

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Snoopy and NASA

Snoopy has been associated with NASA since the late 1950s, long before man reached the moon. The creator of the comic strip, Charles Schulz was a fan of the space race and NASA, and frequently used space exploration themes in his comic strips. In this way he began a relationship with NASA, to which Schulz gave permission to use his characters without benefit to him, provided that he was the one who created all the illustrations of Snoopy that NASA required.

There is a lot of relationship between Snoopy and NASA since then. Apollo 10 was launched in 1969, as a dress rehearsal for Apollo 11 that was to land on the moon. They carried a lunar module that the crew nicknamed Snoopy, and a command module that they called Charlie Brown.

Snoopy has always been related to safety at NASA, and that is why in 1968 NASA created the Silver Snoopy, an award that is given to those who have contributed significantly to the manned space flight program, to guarantee the safety of the flight and the mission success. These awards are given to employees and contractors. The award consists of a silver Snoopy lapel pin. All the pins that are given as awards have been in space.

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

1970 Apollo 13 mission had serious problems and lost much of the instrumentation. The astronauts used an Omega Speedmaster to accurately measure the ignition timing of the engines to perform a complicated maneuver that brought them home.

On October 5, 1970, Omega was awarded a Silver Snoopy, in recognition of his work in the rescue mission.

50 years have passed since that October 5, 1970. And the people of Omega have thought that this was the indicated date to release their new Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy 50th anniversary watch.

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy 50th anniversary.

It is the 3rd watch made by Omega with Snoopy as the protagonist. The first was released in 2003 and the second in 2015. Both came out in limited editions, with 5,411 and 1,970 pieces respectively. Obviously it was difficult to get hold of a unit and that is why they are watches listed on the second-hand market, widely exceeding their P.V.P, especially the 2nd version of 2015.

This time Omega has decided that this 50th anniversary version of the Silver Snoopy award is not a limited edition, so, stock problems aside, anyone who wants and is not in a hurry, can get one from November in exchange for 9,600 €. Of course, it will have to be at an official dealer, since the watch will not be sold online.

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary


We already know the story behind this watch, but how is this Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy? Well, it is a Speedmaster with a 42mm stainless steel case with a white dial and 3 blue counters. It has a blue ceramic bezel with the tachymeter notation, and with Snoopy in his spacesuit in the background on one of the counters.

At the bottom of the box, Snoopy appears in his command module. When using the chronograph seconds hand, Snoopy takes a trip around the opposite side of the moon. There is also an image of the Earth, which rotates once a minute in sync with the watch’s second hand. There is also an image of the Earth, which rotates once a minute in sync with the watch’s second hand.

The watch carries the caliber 3861, the latest update to the Moonwatch movement.

The strap incorporates a die from the Apollo 13 trip, with the moment when they had to start the engines blindly, using only the relative position of the earth through the lunar module window and with an Omega Speedmaster to control the time. ignition.

Omega has undoubtedly created one of the most beautiful watches in its history with this Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy. An incredible edition full of details, and as always in Omega, with spectacular packaging.

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Most people, when we talk about luxury watches or high-end watches, automatically think of Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe. But there are many good watch brands that are unknown to the vast majority. Brands that manufacture watches of tremendous quality, and that, if they had the reputation of others, their models would be highly demanded and valued.

For this reason, from NordWatches we are going to bring you a series of articles talking about these watch brands, from the best known to the least known.

Today we are going to talk about… ORIS.


Oris was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the Swiss city of Hölstein. They bought the recently closed Lohner & Co watch factory and on June 1, 1904, the two men signed a contract with the local mayor. They named their new watch company Oris after a nearby stream and began industrial pocket watch manufacturing. In its founding year, Oris employed 67 people.

In 1906, the firm opened an assembly plant and a second factory in the nearby town of Holderbank. Another factory in Como followed in 1908. By 1911 Oris had become Hölstein’s largest employer, with more than 300 workers. To attract more watchmakers, he built houses and apartments for his staff, expanding so that by 1929 he had additional factories at Courgenay (1916), Herbetswil (1925), and Ziefen (1925).

The first Oris wristwatches

With the opening of the Ziefen factory and the electroplating plant in Herbetswil, Oris expanded its product range. The company began placing bracelet buckles on its pocket watches, thus transforming them into full wristwatches.

After the death of Georges Christian in 1927, Jacques-David LeCoultre became Chairman of the Board of Directors. A year earlier, Oscar Herzog, Christian’s brother-in-law, had taken over as CEO in 1928, a position he held for 43 years.

Alarm clocks

In 1936 Oris opened its own dial factory in Biel / Bienne. At that time, the company produced almost all the elements of its watches and watch products in-house. Oris introduced its exclusive pilot’s watch in 1938, the so-called Big Crown. The collection takes its name from the watch’s oversized crown, which is used as an aid to pilots adjusting their watches with leather gloves. Variations of this watch still occur today.

During World War II, the Oris distribution network beyond Switzerland was significantly reduced. To keep the business alive, the company made alarm clocks.

The status of Swiss watchmaking

On March 12, 1934, the Swiss government introduced the so-called “Statute of Surveillance”. This peculiar law designed to protect and regulate the industry, prevented watch companies from introducing new technologies without permission. For Oris, the statute turned out to be an obstacle, as, up to that point, Oris had been using pin lever escapement movements (Roskopf escapement), which were less precise than the lever escapements used by some of the competitors of Oris, who had adopted such technology before the law was passed.

Oris fought in the courts for more than 10 years, and eventually the statute was gradually liberalized, until its abolition in 1971.

The quartz crisis

In the late 1960s, 44% of all watches sold worldwide were made in Switzerland. Oris employed 800 people and produced 1.2 million watches a year, making it one of the 10 largest watch companies in the world. The company developed its own tools and machinery, and even conducted an apprenticeship program, training 40 engineers and watchmakers every year.

But then the turning point came. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Asian quartz watches gained huge market share. The so-called “Quartz Crisis” saw the end of some 900 watch companies in Switzerland and the unemployment of two-thirds of the employees in the watch industry. The market share of Swiss manufacturers fell to 13% worldwide.

In 1970 Oris renounced its independence and became part of Allgemeine Schweizer Uhrenindustrie AG (ASUAG), the predecessor of the Swatch Group. Oris started manufacturing quartz watches as well, but this did not return success. In the early 1980s, Oris employed only a few dozen people. In 1981, the production of their own movements was abandoned.

New starts

Like many other Swiss watchmakers in the early 1980s, Oris was on the verge of closing. Managing Director Dr. Rolf Portmann, who was instrumental in revoking the Statute of the Guard, and Marketing Director Ulrich W. Herzog took over the rest of the company in 1982 as part of a buyout by of the address. Soon after, the newly formed and independent Oris SA decided to abandon quartz and exclusively produce mechanical watches in the mid-price segment. Oris made its last quartz watch in the early 1990s.

Recent developments

Since the turn of the millennium, the company has focused on the worlds of diving, culture, aviation, and motorsports. Since 2002, Red Rotor has served as a trademark and distinctive feature of Oris.

  • In 2004, the Quick Lock Crown system was developed, which only requires a single 120-degree clockwise turn to secure it in place.
  • In 2009 Oris introduced the Rotation Security System, a device that locks the unidirectional rotating bezel of a diver’s watch in place, preventing accidental adjustments underwater.
  • Oris patented the Oris Aquis depth gauge, its first mechanical depth gauge, in 2013. Allows water to enter a channel through a small hole at 12 o’clock. Water enters the well under pressure, creating a water mark that corresponds to a depth gauge.
  • In 2014, Oris celebrated 110 years of watchmaking with its first in-house developed caliber in 35 years. The caliber 110 was a hand-wound movement that featured a 10-day power reserve and a proprietary non-linear power reserve indicator.

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Most people, when we talk about luxury watches or high-end watches, automatically think of Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe. But there are many good watch brands that are unknown to the vast majority. Brands that manufacture watches of tremendous quality, and that, if they had the reputation of others, their models would be highly demanded and valued.

For this reason, from NordWatches we are going to bring you a series of articles talking about these watch brands, from the best known to the least known.

Today we are going to talk about… Wakmann Watch Company.


Icko Wakmann, of Jewish descent, was born in 1895 in Russia. In 1943 he founded his watch company in Portugal, representing several high-end European watch brands.

Being in the heat of World War II, many American watch companies were left in had to adapt to the situation. Its production switched to products for the army, for war requirements, while Swiss watchmakers continued to produce watches. As a result, the United States government decided to support the American watch industry. The Swiss Watch Import Act was created, and the US Department of Commerce. They began to impose customs duties on high-end Swiss imported watches.

Mr. Wakmann realized that this was the opportunity he was looking for to start creating his own watch brand, so he decided to emigrate to the United States.

US Army

Wakmann was named an official producer and deliveryman for the United States Armed Forces during World War II. This appointment was a recognition of the excellent quality of Wakmann watches. Wakmann began developing professional timekeeping instruments for the aviation industry, such as cockpit clocks for military and commercial aircraft, and professional wristwatches for pilots.

Association with Breitling

In 1947 it became Breitling’s official import partner in the United States. Wakmann would receive unassembled Breitling watches to assemble and sell in the United States. They would also sell Wakmann watches, made in part or mostly with Breitling parts.

They created the Breitling Watch Corporation of America in New York, a joint venture between the Wakmann Watch Company and the Swiss aviation watch manufacturer Breitling Watch Company.

This relationship continued until the 1980s.

Today, a modern company called Wakmann keeps the name alive and produces Swiss-made watches that focus on the use of tritium lighting. Wakmann watches appear on the vintage market here and there, and while the brand is known for some very nice triple calendar watches, it has a varied catalog.


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