Snoopy and NASA

Snoopy has been associated with NASA since the late 1950s, long before man reached the moon. The creator of the comic strip, Charles Schulz was a fan of the space race and NASA, and frequently used space exploration themes in his comic strips. In this way he began a relationship with NASA, to which Schulz gave permission to use his characters without benefit to him, provided that he was the one who created all the illustrations of Snoopy that NASA required.

There is a lot of relationship between Snoopy and NASA since then. Apollo 10 was launched in 1969, as a dress rehearsal for Apollo 11 that was to land on the moon. They carried a lunar module that the crew nicknamed Snoopy, and a command module that they called Charlie Brown.

Snoopy has always been related to safety at NASA, and that is why in 1968 NASA created the Silver Snoopy, an award that is given to those who have contributed significantly to the manned space flight program, to guarantee the safety of the flight and the mission success. These awards are given to employees and contractors. The award consists of a silver Snoopy lapel pin. All the pins that are given as awards have been in space.

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

1970 Apollo 13 mission had serious problems and lost much of the instrumentation. The astronauts used an Omega Speedmaster to accurately measure the ignition timing of the engines to perform a complicated maneuver that brought them home.

On October 5, 1970, Omega was awarded a Silver Snoopy, in recognition of his work in the rescue mission.

50 years have passed since that October 5, 1970. And the people of Omega have thought that this was the indicated date to release their new Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy 50th anniversary watch.

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy 50th anniversary.

It is the 3rd watch made by Omega with Snoopy as the protagonist. The first was released in 2003 and the second in 2015. Both came out in limited editions, with 5,411 and 1,970 pieces respectively. Obviously it was difficult to get hold of a unit and that is why they are watches listed on the second-hand market, widely exceeding their P.V.P, especially the 2nd version of 2015.

This time Omega has decided that this 50th anniversary version of the Silver Snoopy award is not a limited edition, so, stock problems aside, anyone who wants and is not in a hurry, can get one from November in exchange for 9,600 €. Of course, it will have to be at an official dealer, since the watch will not be sold online.

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary


We already know the story behind this watch, but how is this Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy? Well, it is a Speedmaster with a 42mm stainless steel case with a white dial and 3 blue counters. It has a blue ceramic bezel with the tachymeter notation, and with Snoopy in his spacesuit in the background on one of the counters.

At the bottom of the box, Snoopy appears in his command module. When using the chronograph seconds hand, Snoopy takes a trip around the opposite side of the moon. There is also an image of the Earth, which rotates once a minute in sync with the watch’s second hand. There is also an image of the Earth, which rotates once a minute in sync with the watch’s second hand.

The watch carries the caliber 3861, the latest update to the Moonwatch movement.

The strap incorporates a die from the Apollo 13 trip, with the moment when they had to start the engines blindly, using only the relative position of the earth through the lunar module window and with an Omega Speedmaster to control the time. ignition.

Omega has undoubtedly created one of the most beautiful watches in its history with this Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy. An incredible edition full of details, and as always in Omega, with spectacular packaging.

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We finally have here the Rolex news for this 2020. A new 2020 Rolex Submariner (ref. 124060), new 2020 Rolex Sky-Dweller (ref. 326238), new 2020 Rolex Datejust models and new 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetualmodels.

Every time Rolexreleases new models its effects are noticeable in the watch market. In 2016 it launched the new Daytona (ref. 116500) at a price of € 12,000 P.V.P approximately. Today you can find them for approximately € 26,000. In 2018 it was the new Rolex GMT Master II ‘Pepsi’ in stainless steel that, as soon as it was launched, doubled its retail price in the markets and today they cost even more.

The new models that Rolex launches each year are very difficult to come by, because production is always limited and demand is very high.


Rolex Submariner 2020 and Rolex Submariner Date 2020

Rolex Submariner 2020 and Rolex Submariner Date 2020

New Rolex Submariner 124060 models

This year 2020 Rolex launches a new model of the Submariner. It goes on the market with a price of € 7,700. But considering its new features and the current market situation due to Covid 19, getting the new Submariner will be as difficult as seeing a unicorn. The production of all watch manufacturers has been greatly diminished due to the effects of the pandemic, so the units available will be even more limited. Unless you have a good contact with an official Rolex dealer, it will be very difficult to get one. But, what news does this new Submariner bring?

The first and great novelty is that the case becomes 41mm. In recent decades all Submariners have been 40mm, so this change will already delight collectors. The bracelet has also been modified making it a bit wider. It seems that Rolex wants to adapt to the current tastes of the market, which are looking for watches a little larger. Not only have they made a watch somewhat larger, but they have also modified the shapes of the case and the bracelet, making it fit better on the wrist. The new Submariner comes with the black dial and black Cerachrom rotating bezel and matches the new caliber 3230 which extends the power reserve to 70 hours.

The new Submariner Date (ref. 126610LN), also 41mm, comes equipped with the caliber 3235 for the first time. This change will extend the power reserve to 70 hours. It goes on the market at a P.V.P price of € 8,700.

Rolex has also launched a Submariner Date in yellow gold and steel (ref. 126613LB) with a blue Cerachrom bezel and a blue dial. A Submariner Date (ref. 126610LV) with the black dial and green bezel (there hasn’t been such a combination since the 50th anniversary model introduced in 2003). Finally, a Submariner Date (ref. 126619LB) in white gold, with a black dial and blue bezel.

Rolex has also presented other models for this 2020.

New Rolex Sky-Dweller 2020

New Rolex Sky-Dweller 2020

New Rolex Sky-Dweller 326238 models

The new 42mm Sky-Dweller is made of yellow gold and comes with a black dial and a black rubber strap. There will also be models in rose gold with the brown dial or the white dial. It is one of Rolex’s most complicated watches and the first classic watch to receive the high-performance elastomer strap that Rolex calls Oysterflex. It comes with the caliber 9001 which has the feature of indicating 2 time zones, a date window, a month indicator and an annual calendar.

Rolex Datejust

Rolex has presented 4 new models of the Rolex Datejust. The first will come with a bezel set with 46 brilliant-cut diamonds and an auberginedial with a sun finish and decorated with the Roman numeral VI set with diamonds.

The other three modalities present, respectively, a mint green dial with a sun-type finish, white lacquered or dark gray with a sun-type finish, and are fitted with a fluted bezel made of 18-carat white gold. The hands and the indices or Roman numerals of these four new modalities are also in 18-carat white gold. Light reflections on the lugs and sides of the case highlight the refined shapes of its 31mm diameter Oyster case.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolex has also unveiled the new generation of its Oyster Perpetual watches. The range is enriched with a new model, the Oyster Perpetual 41, and with versions of the Oyster Perpetual 36 featuring luminous colored dials. Reflections of light on the flanks of the case highlight the shape of its Oyster case, made of Oystersteel steel, respectively 41 mm or 36 mm in diameter and topped with a domed bezel.

You can check the availability of these new Rolex 2020 models on our website.

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Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A-001

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A-001

2020 is being a difficult year, even for large companies that have seen their production reduced. The big watch brands are not exception. We have already commented in previous articles that several of the great watchmakers had postponed the launch of their new watches, due to Covid 19. The drop in production and the cancellation of the big events where these types of launches are announced altered the plans of Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc.

But, as happens to all of us, it’s time to adapt to the new times, and move on. Accept that it is going to be a different year and try to get positive things out of it. Following this trend,we already saw that Tudor had been encouraged to launch a new model for this year 2020, and that Rolex is expected to do the same in September.

Well, Patek Philippe has not been left behind and has also released new watches and a couple of reinterpretations of existing models throughout the summer.

Patek Philipe Calatrava Limited Edition (REF. 6007A-001)

The first of them has been the new Patek Philippe Calatrava. A special edition of only 1,000 units that has been launched to commemorate the completion of its new production building located in Pan-les-Ouates.

Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Tourbillon (5303R-001)

Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Tourbillon (5303R-001)

The new Calatrava 6007A-001 stands out for its 40mm case and its wider polished steel bezel. A rare material in the Patek Philippe collections. A blue-gray dial with a central motif, sapphire crystal and white gold hands.

Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Tourbillon (5303R-001)

Patek Philippe continues its habit of creating watches with great complications. This 5303, which was already released in 2019 with a limited edition of 12 pieces, now goes to the regular collection with a slightly modified design.

Made of rose gold, it stands out for its ‘leaf’ decoration engraved on the sides of the bracelet’s handles. A watch without a dial so that you can see the minute repeater in motion, including, for the first time, hammers and bells. You can also see the tourbillon at the bottom of the watch, at the 6 o’clock position.

Reinterpretations of the 5370P-011 and 5270J001

The Patek Philippe Rattrapante 5370 and Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5270 watches have received a reinterpretation.

The Rattrapante modifies its aesthetics with a new blue dial and a polished platinum case. Like the other platinum watches from Patek Philippe, the new 5370P-011 has a small diamond set between the lugs of the bracelet at the 6H position.

The 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is manufactured in yellow gold for the first time. Previously we have seen models of this reference in platinum and rose gold. It is fitted with the CH 29-535 PS Q caliber, which is the first perpetual calendar chronograph movement fully developed and manufactured by Patek Phillipe since 2011.

Patek Philippe Rattrapante 5370 and Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5270

Patek Philippe Rattrapante 5370 and Patek Philippe 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

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2020 is being a difficult year for the big watch brands. Due to the worldwide pandemic of Covid 19, production chains had to be reduced or stopped completely. According to experts, the recession could last for years and be longer than expected. Faced with an incipient economic crisis, the market for luxury items such as high-end watches has exploded. Luxury watches are a safe value to invest in, not only for the manufacturing materials such as gold, platinum, diamonds … but also for the added value of being collectibles, often limited editions. Faced with a volatile market, not only do they retain their value, but they can even increase it.

As we already commented in our article regarding the Covid and the second-hand market, this volatile market situation, plus the lack of stock of new watches due to the stoppage of manufacturing, have also brought price increases in some models of watches.

Demand goes up and stock is limited, so prices rise.

This has not been the case at NordWatches, where not only have we not raised prices, but we are also offering collector’s pieces at more than competitive prices. You can see our stock on our website or on Chrono 24.

As we already mentioned, Baselworld, the fair in which the great watchmakers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. announce the new models they will launch, was canceled this year 2020. And despite the fact that Rolex initially announced that its 2020 models would go on the market throughout April 2020, they were finally canceled and everything boded that there would be no new models this year 2020.

However, in July Tudor (Rolex’s ‘low cost’ brand) announced a new model, the Tudor Black Bay fifty-Eight Navy Blue. This could indicate that there is still hope for new Rolex models throughout 2020.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 'Navy Blue'

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’ (Source:

So can we expect a new Rolex model for this year?

The rumor circulating on the network says that the new Rolex models will be launched the first week of September 2020. We do not know if this will be the case or not, but if so, what models could they advertise? A new Submariner model? Maybe a Milgauss? New ceramic models?

Be that as it may, pay attention to our publications because we will tell you everything here.

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There is a very special relationship between the world of motor and high-end watches. Many special editions of watches were inspired by the motor world, especially in competition. Watches designed by and for racing drivers. Watches that share manufacturing materials such as steel, titanium, carbon, etc. And there are many similarities between the machinery of a mechanical watch and the engine of a racing car. Polished steel, precision, performance, unique features that give character and personality to each other.

This results in watches like this Chopard L.U.C. Titanium Engine One Tourbillon that we are going to talk about today. A limited edition of only 150 pieces. 150 watches symbolizing the 150th anniversary of the brand created by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860 (the watch was manufactured in 2010).

Chopard L.U.C. Engine One Tourbillon Titanium Limited Edition of 150 units

Chopard designed this watch to resemble a high-performance engine block. It has a very smart box design. The exterior dimensions make it a 35.4mm wide by 44mm high rectangle, although the bulging ends give the dial a much rounder appearance.

Made entirely of titanium, the watch has polished surfaces on the top and bottom, with satin-finished center sections. It is an incredibly light case, a presence that images simply cannot adequately convey.

The movement doubles as the dial, and has two textured vertical stripes that look like the top of a large-displacement engine. The L.U.C 1TRM movement is manually wound and is made and designed internally by Chopard. It has an indicator that looks like a fuel reserve indicator, which marks the 60 hours of energy reserve available. It is also among a rare breed of COSC stopwatch certified “Tourbillon” movements, making it simply look like a high-performance engine.

But, perhaps you are wondering, what is the Tourbillon?

The Tourbillon (French Whirlwind) is a clockwork movement created in 1795 by the watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet. It was developed to compensate for the irregular effect that gravity produces on the flywheel and the escapement wheel when the watch remains at rest in the same position for a certain time, especially on pocket watches. It consists of a mechanism that rotates a cage-shaped frame (usually once a minute) on its axis, on which the watch’s steering wheel and exhaust are mounted.

With the rotation of said cage-shaped frame, the effect produced by the force of gravity on the flywheel / exhaust assembly does not always concentrate in the same direction, averaging. This increases the precision of the watch mechanism.

Given the complexity of the mechanism, some brands were not initially able to carry out such a structure, so they were forced to buy the workshops they were already producing for their own products.
Currently, a watch equipped with such a mechanism can be effectively developed only by a few specialized factories.

In 1980 a Tourbillon was first mounted on a wristwatch. Originally conceived as a device to improve precision, Tourbillons are currently included in some high-end modern watches as an exclusive item. The mechanism is usually visible through a window made through the sphere, showing its operation.

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As every year by these dates, coinciding with the celebration in Basel (Switzerland) of a new edition of Baselworld, the largest and most important international watch and jewelry show, Rolex presents its new models for this 2019 season, a fact that represents a milestone in the sector and that every watchmaker loves with great interest.

Thus, the novelties that the Swiss firm has presented this year are the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42, a new model among Rolex nautical watches, and which has a diameter of 42 mm, something unprecedented in the Yacht-Master range, with the new generation caliber 3235. Made of 18-carat white gold, it is equipped with an Oysterflex bracelet with Oysterlock safety clasp in 18-carat white gold and Rolex Glidelock extension system.

The Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller is proposed for the first time in a yellow Rolesor version (combination of Oystersteel steel and 18-carat yellow gold). The name “Sea-Dweller” appears in yellow on the dial of this new modality.

The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II, in Oystersteel steel, with bi-directional rotating bezel and 24-hour Cerachrom disc bicolor in blue and black ceramics, is equipped with a Jubilé bracelet. Presented in 2018, the new generation 3285 caliber equips this new modality.

The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 houses for the first time the 3255 caliber, a movement at the forefront of watch technology. In 18K yellow, white or Everose gold, the new modalities of this emblematic model are proposed with a sphere adorned with a concentric gradientor made of ornamental stone, or completely pavé of diamonds with an hourly outline drawn by sapphires with the colors of the rainbow.

The new modalities in yellow, white or Everose Rolesor version (combination of Oystersteel steel and 18-carat gold) of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 and the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 all have a refined sphere of timeless elegance. They are equipped, respectively, with 3235 and 2236 caliber, new generation movements introduced in these two models in 2018.

The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is also available in 18-carat yellow gold with black lacquered pavé dial. On the bezel, the tachymeter scale has given way to 36 trapeze-cut diamonds.

Like all Rolex watches, these new references have the Superlative Chronometer certification, specific to the Swiss brand and symbolized by the green seal. This certification also guarantees the respect of more stringent performance criteria than watchmaking standards in terms of precision, tightness, automatic winding and autonomy, and is accompanied by a five-year international warranty.