Many of the people who contact us to sell their watch ask us the same question.

How can I know the value of my watch?

Although there are some models of watches that are revalued over time, as a rule, watches happen like cars, which lose value as soon as they leave the dealership. Except for very special watches, normally the appraisal of a watch will be below the purchase price.

There are some brands that tolerate the passage of time better as can be the case of Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe.

To assess the market price of a watch you have to take several things into account:

  • Watch appraisal

    Watch Appraisal – Rolex Submariner

    Does the watch have its original documentation and case?

    The buyer of a second-hand watch will always prefer a watch that keeps its original box and documents, so it is something to consider when valuing a watch.

  • Are all the pieces of the watch original?

    When we take a watch to repair to an official workshop of the brand, for example, a Rolex,if it is not possible to repair the problem, they will replace the damaged part with a new one (whether glass, armis or belt, hands, etc.). Although this solves the problem, it detracts from the clock, not having all its original components.

  • Does the watch have any bumps, scratches or scratches?

    At NordWatches we always sell watches in perfect condition, whether new or second hand. Every second-hand watch goes through a specialized workshop where they check the correct operation of the machinery, and repair all the problems that the watch may have. In the case of watches that need to change a piece, it is necessary to inform the future buyer. If the part is not changed, it is worth indicating that the watch has a bump or scratch. In both cases the watch will lose value, so it is something to consider when performing an appraisal.

  • Is the watch a limited edition?

    Limited edition watches often have added value. Being models that can no longer be purchased new and that there are only a limited number of them, they acquire added value over standard models.

  • Is the watch a highly coveted vintage model?

    There are highly coveted antique watches, such as the Rolex Daytona‘Paul Newman’,which not only have not lost value, but have been revalued well above their original price. These cases don’t happen, but without knowing it, you can own some highly coveted model that has seen its value increase. In this article we talk about a Rolex Daytona‘Paul Newman’ who didn’t know what value it had, and that they took him to appraise so they could sell the watch and took a pleasant surprise.


With all this in mind, we carefully review each watch and try to give the price more tight for our customers who want to sell their watch.

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