Mechanical watch – 10 tips for maintenance

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A mechanical watch is more than just indicating the time. A mechanical watch is more than just indicating the time. But for this we must perform a good maintenance of its mechanics, as we do for example with cars.

  1. Clean your watch

    Use a soft or microfiber cloth and clean the bracelet and case to remove dirt or dust. Soak the watch in soap and water regularly to soften the dirt. If the watch has a leather strap, you should avoid getting it wet.

  2. Give regular service

    The watch should be serviced every two to three years, regardless of the duration of the warranty. Better to be safe and catch problems before they become a problem. Good maintenance is essential to increase the life of the watch.

  3. Avoid magnets or magnetic fields

    A magnet or a magnetic field can misalign the mechanism of a mechanical watch. High intensity fields are capable of modifying and even stopping the internal mechanism. Today we are surrounded by small magnetic fields, and although they are not normally fields of great intensity, as far as possible it is better to avoid that our watch is close to one.

  4. Know the water resistance of your watch

    Some watch wearers are unaware of the limits of their watch and dive it too deep. If the watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, it is not advisable to take it to dive. If the watch is not designed for great depths, the pressure change will spoil the mechanism. If the watch directly is not waterproof, it can withstand small splashes of water, but it is better to avoid it.

  5. Take care of the glass

    This is pretty obvious, but it’s still important and worth mentioning. Avoid hitting the watch glass against the wall or any other surface. Even a light rub against a material harder than glass can cause scratches.

  6. Keep the original watch box

    When you do not use your watch, if you have a case or display specially designed for the conservation of watches, it is better to keep it in the original box. When placing the watch on its side or on the glass, there is always the possibility of the watch scratching. The watch case is made to keep the watch safe and protected.

    Also, if at any time you want to sell your watch, it will always have a higher value with its original box and documents.

  7. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

    Sunlight can gradually ‘burn’ the color of the watch. Leather or rubber straps also suffer from long exposures to the sun.

  8. Never open your watch

    Leave this to a watchmaker. Opening the watch can expose it to dust, dirt, and other particles that can get into the movement, so it is best to leave this to a professional.

  9. Use it regularly

    Unlike cars, watches are designed to run continuously. That a watch is working is the best way to ensure that its lubricants do not solidify and, consequently, the mechanism is out of adjustment. Do not forget to use every now and then all the watches in your collection.

  10. Read your watch manual

    These guidelines that we comment on are general, but there will always be particularities in each watch that it is better to know so as not to spoil it with misuse or incorrect handling.

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